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1 - 5 December

for Professional Performers
Both New and Experienced Players welcome

Leinster Cricket Club, Observatory Lane, Rathmines

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Fee €225.00 for New Players, €200 for Experienced Players.

This dynamic training will awaken your creativity and stretch your acting skills to the hilt.

Annie Ryan, through The Corn Exchange, has been honing this technique for almost 20 years into a unique style and valued practice in Dublin. The workshop creates a nurturing, supportive environment and then kicks you into the deep end of improvisational discovery. This work demands ridiculously high expertise in stills including character work, physical embodiment, creation of character image, make-up masks and acting.

It’s pretty much impossible. Which is why we do it.

While “The Style” is undoubtedly hard and really really fun, the deeper work is about creating a solid foundation within yourself as a performer to create a clear open channel for your creative energy. These workshops serve as the foundation of the company's work.

What to expect:

Each morning begins with a gentle yoga practice to ground your body, calm your mind and open your heart. We continue that energy through voice and ensemble work. At the beginning of the week, we will establish principles of ensemble play and introduce some skill and vocabulary toward the style. Tuesday through Friday, the group will create full character images based on the Commedia Stock characters and improvise scenes accompanied by live percussion.

An invaluable tool for performers, the workshops encourage fully embodied, play with great bravery, compassion and rigour.


Email your updated CV and headshot to
by the 13nd of November.

Please be aware that there is often a high demand for places. We will prioritise those who have come before as well as new players who have yet to get a place on previous workshops.

From previous players on their experience of the work:

“My experience as a company member has been essential to my development as a performer: I continue to be uniquely challenged and stretched by Annie’s demand for detail and total application.” Derbhle Crotty

“Working with Corn Exchange was crucial to my own development as both an actor and a writer. Their commitment to and unique style of actor training and development, coupled with the immersive worlds of pure storytelling that they explore in their work were vital to my own creative evolution.” Mark O’Halloran

“This technique creates amazing space for play; where the actor is invited to work in a world with endless possibilities and vast imagination while maintaining deep focus and clarity. It is rare that one learns so much while workshopping with a company and I have found their fundamental principles applicable to all of my subsequent endeavours as a performer.” Louise White

“You provided a space of absolute love and fun and creativity and I am really grateful, personally and professionally. There are so many wonderful people in this city to play with and the workshop made me realise how important it is to meet up with one another and explore what we can do with a mountain of energy and a bit of make-up!” Carla Bredin

“The work is specific, subversive and humane. It is exhilarating and challenging to explore as a performer and delightful to behold as a viewer.” Marian Quinn

Great images from the Feb 14 Workshop:

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