Corn Exchange


Apr 03, 2018

Spring Awakening!

April 16th to 19th April 2018 

10am to 5pm Monday through Thursday 

Led by Annie Ryan with special guest teachers including Lou Horgan, Máirín O'Grady,  Helena Walsh and Kate Hilder

Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines  


It’s Spring – just about! Everywhere in nature, the energy that has been contained within all winter is about to spiral outward and manifest itself.  

This four-day is workshop invites performers as well as artists, writers and makers across disciplines to slow down for a moment and take some time to listen inward and discover what energies and ideas might be awakening within you.  

Mixing yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais, voice work, movement technique and ensemble improvisation and play, this is a rare opportunity to explore the power of your awareness, the joy of play and your artistic intention as its unfolding.  

No previous experience of yoga, the Feldenkrais Method or improvisation is necessary to enroll for this course.   

Email Annie at with an updated CV or short description of what you do.