Corn Exchange


Sep 12, 2018

The Misfits

The Misfits 

By Arthur Miller

Reimagined for the stage and directed by Annie Ryan

A woman walks into a bar. She has just freed herself from an unhappy marriage and needs a drink.

It’s a rundown saloon on the outskirts of a desert town in the American West. There’s no work. At least, not much worth doing for a man. Those days are long gone.

It’s hot, dry, a place of few words, little growth – an abyss. But the open sky still offers the same promise that it always had, and the men here are clinging to a dying dream of

GUIDO: It looks like she left him. The husband. But maybe he caught her knockin’ around, huh? She sure moves, doesn’t she?

GAY: Yeah. She’s real prime.

In this dynamic reimagining, Corn Exchange's Artistic Director Annie Ryan, accompanied by a dynamic all-female creative and technical team, brings Miller’s text to the stage for the first time. 

Cutting from his novella as well as drawing from his initial impulse from his short story, this adaptation sets the story of the classic film firmly in the world of America today, examining the promise of the American Dream and the longing and rage it continues to foster in men with breathtaking contemporary resonance.