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Paul Reid, Louis Lovett and Colin Campbell in Dublin by Lamplight. Photo by Ros Kavanagh

Whether coming for the first time or returning again to dive into the fat pads and wigs, this dynamic training will blow open your creative juices and stretch your acting skills to the hilt.  

Beginning with a nurturing yoga practice and blossoming into vocal, physical and ensemble play, this week invites you to explore the fullness of your acting chops.  

While demanding high expertise in character work, improvisation, physical embodiment, character image, the work endeavours to connect you deeply to your creative energy and open a channel for it to flow through this rather peculiar, high-energy form. And when it does, a kind of madness, humour and humanity emerges that will move, delight and possibly shock you – and, indeed, us all. 



Each morning begins with a gentle, grounding yoga practice, followed by voice and ensemble work. In the first day or two, we will establish principles of ensemble play and introduce some skill and vocabulary toward the style. From there, the group will progress into the full style, creating characters images and improvising scenes accompanied by live percussion.  

An invaluable tool for performers, the style encourages fully embodied play with great bravery, compassion and rigour.


€230 for new players  

€200 for players that have come to a Corn Exchange Commedia workshop before (you know you want to!)


Email me an updated CV and headshot (or just latest news if I know you already) to by Thursday May 9th.   

Please be aware that there is usually a high demand for places. 

Thank you!



From previous players on their experience of the work:    

“My experience as a company member has been essential to my development as a performer: I continue to be uniquely challenged and stretched by Annie’s demand for detail and total application.” Derbhle Crotty  

“The company’s commitment to and unique style of actor training and development, coupled with the immersive worlds of pure storytelling that they explore in their work were vital to my own creative evolution.” Mark O’Halloran  

“This technique creates amazing space for play; where the actor is invited to work in a world with endless possibilities and vast imagination while maintaining deep focus and clarity. It is rare that one learns so much while workshopping with a company and I have found their fundamental principles applicable to all of my subsequent endeavours as a performer.” Louise White   

“The work is specific, subversive and humane. It is exhilarating and challenging to explore as a performer and delightful to behold as a viewer.” Marian Quinn

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