Corn Exchange



April 8th to 12th 2018 

10am to 5pm Monday through Friday  

Hosted by Annie Ryan with amazing guest teachers including Justine Cooper, Lou Horgan, Máirín O’Grady, Cathy Ryan, Helena Walsh, Kathy Scott and Úna Kavanagh  

Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines  


We’re living in an extraordinary time. It feels like the door has opened for women in a way that it never has for the generations before us. No doubt, we still have a long way to go to right the great imbalance of energy and power in our world. To the degree we can manifest our creative potential, the more we will enable the generations that follow us.  

This week long workshop invites women artists across disciplines to tap into the well of their creative power and nurture what is looking to emerge from it.  

Theatre-maker and performer Annie Ryan has invited marvelously expert guest teachers in yoga, meditation, voice work, movement technique and ensemble improvisation and play, offering deeply nourishing practices to restore and empower yourself in your life and your work.   

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“Amazing insight and groundedness” Justine Doswell, dancer and choreopgrapher  

“An incredibly grounding, restorative and stimulating week . . . so lovely, trusting and open.” Maeve Fitzgerald, actor

“A very enlightening experience and it was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. It really made an impression on me, and my outlook onto work and the world.”  Síofra O’Meara, theatre-maker  

“A superb few days with gorgeous people and in a gorgeous atmosphere. I feel recalibrated and encouraged to let the creative juices flow. Such a great feeling to be able to play without judgement and allow the subconscious come to the fore in a safe environment with like minded people.”

Sarah Cruise, designer and photographer

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