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Although it may feel like winter will never end, Spring is well on it's way.

All are welcome to join me on Wednesday morning for a gentle yoga practice, followed by some journal prompting, some sharing with the group and some movement to keep stoking your creative fire.

From Wednesday the 17th of February, we'll begin a new cycle of six classes, from 10am to 1pm, until the 24th of March.

My impulse for starting this was to offer something to actors and performers during this dry season, but actually, all are very welcome. The yoga is gentle, but deep, with a long rest. No previous experience is necessary (but do keep in mind that I can't actually see you, so I'll remind you to mind yourself!)

The circle that has gathered here is very caring, very kind – a genuine support to whatever is showing up for you in your work and your life.

Payment is entirely at your discretion. Donations tend to range from €10 to €15 per session, but honestly, just come if you're moved to. Anything you wish to give is received with gratitude. 

Email me at for the link or to ask any questions.

With love and light,


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