Corn Exchange


Booking Information

April 11th to 15th
Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines

€240 / €220 for actors who have come to train with us before (including online)

Monday to (Good) Friday, April 11th to 15th, 9.30am to 5.30pm


Places are limited. Please email a CV or an update of your work to by Thursday, 24th of March
Any questions, please feel free to email Annie at

About the workshop

Awaken your creativity and stretch your acting skills to the hilt.

The Corn Exchange style of Commedia dell'Arte is a deeply physical and percussive improvisational theatre technique that goes deep into the core of a story, explodes it from the inside and presents it in a show of grotesque fun and heartfelt intensity.

For over twenty years, Annie Ryan has evolved this rigourous and wildly fun training alongside hundreds of actors in Dublin into its own unique form. A starting point for the company’s work, the style invites fully embodied play with bravery, compassion and precision.

A dynamic and invigoratin challenge, this training is also applicable to performance in any form, cultivating expertise in character work, physical embodiment, creation of character image, make-up masks, storytelling and acting.

“Working with Corn Exchange was crucial to my own development as both an actor and a writer. Their commitment to and unique style of actor training and development, coupled with the immersive worlds of pure storytelling that they explore in their work were vital to my own creative evolution.”

Mark O’Halloran, actor and writer

“This technique creates amazing space for play; where the actor is invited to work in a world with endless possibilities and vast imagination while maintaining deep focus and clarity. It is rare that one learns so much while workshopping with a company and I have found their fundamental principles applicable to all of my subsequent endeavours.”

Louise White, theatre-maker and performer