Corn Exchange



by Belinda McKeon in collaboration with Annie Ryan
after Ibsen's A Doll's House

"A hugely enjoyable study of marriage and authenticity"

The Irish Independent

Corn Exchange present this world premiere of a new version of Ibsen's classic A Doll's House by Belinda McKeon in collaboration with Annie Ryan. Premiering at Dublin Theatre Festival the production was directed by Corn Exchange's associate director Eoghan Carrick.

It’s 2025. A dangerous world for those who can’t afford to protect themselves.

This house keeps safe a marriage, a partnership, a life of success and ease, a priceless collection and a daughter who has lacked for nothing; things seem perfect as a power couple prepares for a glitzy party among the art-world elite.

But when the secret upon which this life is built threatens to push through the polished surface, questions about what is real and what is not can no longer be ignored.

Inspired by Ibsen’s masterpiece, award-winning writer Belinda McKeon reimagines this exploration of honesty and power for a post-truth world.

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Oct 17, 2017

The Irish Times interview with Belinda McKeon

"I'm interested in the deal-making that happens in a power couple"

The Irish Time



Previewing Mermaid Theatre, Bray 21st – 23rd September

World Premiere Dublin Theatre Festival 27th September - 8th October