Corn Exchange


Photo by Ros Kavanagh

Presented with Dublin Theatre Festival

The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov. A new version by Michael West & Annie Ryan
Directed by Annie Ryan

A riotous tour de force

Photo by Sean&Yvette

Photo by Sean&Yvette

The teacher loves the housekeeper's daughter, who loves the young artist, who loves the girl next door, who loves the famous writer, who is the lover of the great actress - who had an affair with the doctor, who the housekeeper still loves after all these years. 

In the first of his great masterpieces Chekhov sets this parade of unrequited love on a summer estate where, with a meticulous eye and unsentimental clarity, he exposes the ridiculousness of our longing. Here, the young clash with the old, the artists with the civil servants and the traditional with the shock of the new. Chekhov's works remain deeply relevant, radically contemporary and exquisitely funny. 

This exciting new version reimagines the radical young artist as a woman, instantly bringing us into the here and now. The Seagull is a wonderful celebration of love and art - a study of what we aspire to most, and how easily we keep happiness just out of reach.

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Production Team


Sep 24, 2016

Culture Shock: ‘The Seagull’ takes wing once again

The Corn Exchange and The Seagull are a good match. The Seagull may not produce any answers to the question of whether new forms are possible, but it is a play propelled by its younger characters’ hunger for those new forms, not just in theatre but in life. New ways of speaking to one another; new ways of being together; new ways of collaborating, or of striking out. From its beginnings 21 years ago, these are the kinds of explorations which have driven the work of the Corn Exchange – along with a smartly comic instinct for a play’s potential resonances with the realities of contemporary Irish life: the slang, the habits, the tics.

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Performed as part of Dublin Theatre Festival, 5th – 16th October 2016