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Photo by Fiona Morgan

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by James Joyce, adapted by Michael West & Annie Ryan

Brimming with life, sparkling with humour, meditating on tragedy, and confronting occasionally scabrous images with aplomb and subtlety.

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Photo by Rich Gilligan

Photo by Rich Gilligan

Following the success of Dublin By Lamplight, Freefall and Man of Valour, collaborator Annie Ryan and Michael West create a new adaptation of one of James Joyce's most renowned works. This historic production marked the first large scale staging of the text. 

In Dubliners, James Joyce offers an astonishing and enduring portrayal of the city – a mirror in which the people of Dublin, as Joyce once wrote, could take “one good look at themselves.” Directed by Irish Times award winning director Annie Ryan the company deftly captures the rich humour, the small cruelties and the celebrated epiphanies of Joyce's iconic stories in their ground-breaking transformational style. 

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